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The hot summer nights of New York City always calls for a great night out - but in the winter, it's even more of an excuse to get out of the house and out on the town! New York City is without one of the premiere nightlife destinations in the world, and where there's good nightlife, there's great dancing. One of the most popular and sexiest forms of dance in NYC - believe it or not - is samba! This old Brazilian style of dance has many variations, but they all equate to a sexy time on the dance floor. New York City offers some great dance classes, but when you're looking for the ultimate samba class experience, there's no better source than NYCSambaClass.com - the #1 go-to hub on the web for all things samba. We'll put you in social, fun and entertaining environments where you'll meet new friends, and learn new moves while you're at it! There's truly nothing like the services and experiences put out by NYCSambaClass.com, here's your chance to take advantage of it!